A course on how to apply cutting stickers

Thank you for purchasing the LETS STATIONERY GOODS original cutting sticker.

This page will show you the correct way to apply cutting stickers .

If you paste it wrong... it's over (TдT)

No, it's really over.

So, after reading this article, prepare your mind and work carefully.

First of all, please prepare the following:

  • Purchased sticker
  • Things I want to paste
  • Masking tape

Basically, it can be applied to any material that has no irregularities.

The sticker material we use can be used outdoors, so you can also apply it to your car.

This time I would like to introduce stickers on notebooks.

STEP 1: Fix with mast

Decide where you want to place the sticker and secure the bottom part with masking tape.

Make sure to use a size smaller than the tape width.

STEP 2: Peel off the backing paper (*carefully!)

Turn the sticker upside down and slowly peel off just the backing paper.

The key is to take your time and work slowly while making sure that the stickers are attached to the transparent sheet.

If you make a mistake here, you will be in trouble later... It might end...

Please be careful!

STEP 3: Put back the transparent sheet and paste it

Once you have just the transparent sheet (application sheet) and sticker, it's time to paste!

Apply the sticker slowly and carefully from the bottom.

STEP 4 : Peel off the transparent sheet

Finally, peel off the transparent sheet and you're done.

Again, be sure to work slowly so you don't peel off the stickers at the same time .

The key is to peel it off while pressing it.

Complete! !

That's it! It's completed!

This time I tried putting stickers on my notebook, and it turned out really cute.

Depending on the item you apply the sticker to, it may peel off, but this product is not covered by the warranty , so please understand this.