The LETS mascot character has been created!

This is the LETS STATIONERY GOODS management team.

Actually, LETS STATIONERY GOODS has a mascot character.

Photo of Let's-kun and LETS Clear System Notebook

This is Let's-kun.

It was born out of the desire to have a character that could be placed in the space at events or photographed with the products in photos uploaded to social media.
When I did an animal fortune-telling on the opening date of the official website of LETS STATIONERY GOODS, the diagnosis came out as ``a fawn with a strong will'', so I decided to make him into a character.

He is a newborn fawn and a boy.
``Someday, I'll grow up to be a cool adult, too!'' he says enthusiastically.
I think it will appear frequently from now on, so please keep an eye on it warmly.

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