LETS clear system notebook "mini6" size is now available in 3 colors!

“LETS Clear System Notebook mini6 ( 3 colors )” is now available in 3 colors from LETS STATIONERY GOODS.

At the same time, a Bible size red version will also be released at the same time .

Release date: May 10, 2022

https://lets-sg.online/products/lets-mini6 _

▶mini6 size, 3 colors

LETS clear system notebook lineup

As a result, the LETS Clear System Notebook is now available in Bible/mini6 and three colors each.




[mini6 size product specifications]

  • Body material: PVC vinyl 1.5mm thick, oil smooth leather (genuine leather)
  • Product dimensions: mini6 size / H152 x W105 x D22 (mm)
  • Binder: 6 holes x ring diameter 13mm
  • Weight: 123 g
  • Accessories: Logo paper/underlay (1 sheet each)

*Refills are not included with this product.

About mini6 size binder

The binder is made by the German company KRAUSE and has 6 holes and a ring diameter of 13 mm .

Approximately 80 to 90 refills can be stored. (*Differences may occur depending on the paper)

180 degree flat opening and closing with a combination of PVC and genuine leather

One of the features of the LETS Clear System Notebook is that the material becomes soft with continued use and can be opened and closed 180 degrees flat.

Opening and closing flatly reduces stress when writing, and is also convenient for sharing the contents on SNS.

It may feel a little stiff when you first use it, but you will notice a difference after using it a few times.

Thank you for your interest in our new lineup of LETS Clear System Notebooks.

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