Features of LETS Clear System Notebook [Opens 180 degrees]

This is the LETS STATIONERY GOODS management team.

The Clear System notebook used by the management team staff has grown cute, so I would like to introduce it to you.

First, the features of the LETS Clear System Notebook.

  1. Highly customizable due to its transparency
  2. System notebook that opens 180 degrees

I will introduce these in detail below.

1. Highly customizable because it is transparent

Since it is made of PVC vinyl, you can decorate both the front and back covers with whatever you like.
The staff put their favorite bromide on the cover in a pocket refill, and on the back cover they also put a laminated photo of their favorite landscape.
You can enjoy it from either side, whether you look at it from the front or the back.

As I have introduced before, you can see everyone's customizations in the wonderful photos posted on Instagram.

You can create the best notebook for yourself.

2. System notebook that opens 180 degrees

Many people may think that a planner can be opened 180 degrees.
However, depending on how they are made, the inner and outer leather may stick together, so many of them do not open completely flat.
That's what gives us the love of treating leather with care, but I'm sure there are many people who want to use it spread out on their desks.

This clear system notebook is made of PVC vinyl and leather, so it is unique in that it opens flat 180 degrees.
When you first start using it, the PVC is still a little stiff and won't lie flat, but as you use it and get used to it, it will open perfectly.
However, the PVC vinyl is 1.5mm thick, so it feels stable even when standing up to write.

This photo was taken after 4 months of use by our staff.

Photo of a notebook opened 180 degrees

Photo of a notebook opened 180 degrees

Recommended for those who want to spread out their notebooks.

We are currently developing a new color, red, and a mini 6 size, so there will be even more variations and more freedom.
Please look forward to it!

[Selling price]

15,500 yen (tax included)

Product page: https://lets-sg.online/products/lets-b6

[Product Specifications]

Body material: PVC vinyl 1.5mm thick, oil smooth leather (genuine leather)
Product dimensions: Bible size (B6) / H20.3 x W13.0 x D2.5 (mm)
Binder: 6 holes x ring diameter 20mm
Weight: 197g
Accessories: Logo paper/underlay (1 sheet each)

*Refills are not included with this product.

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