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CHOCOTTO STAMP - Chocotto Stamp -

CHOCOTTO STAMP - Chocotto Stamp -

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``CHOCOTTO STAMP'' is a small matchbox-sized box containing six stamps.

  • Shape - SHAPE
  • weather - WEATHER
  • living - LIFE
  • work -WORK

Based on these four themes, we have prepared patterns that can be used for decorations in notebooks, keys in bullet journals, etc.

The stamp pattern was designed by mone, who runs the stationery YouTube channel " mone / Fun Home Time ", and was released as a collaboration product with LETS.



The outer box is inspired by an American retro style, and has a cute design that makes it hard to believe that there is a stamp on it at first glance.

Even when you're not using it, just leave it on your desk and it will add a touch of décor to your notebook time.

The colorful design is attractive and makes you want to collect them.



CHOCOTTO STAMP is characterized by the pattern printed not only on the top (top) but also on the sides .

The pattern is also printed on the side, so when you slide the box open, you can see the image of the stamp you want to use at a glance.

The design takes advantage of the shape of a matchbox, which is called a sleeve box.

Furthermore, when you take out the stamp, there is a pattern printed on the top (top), so you can stamp it in the same direction you took it out .

Take it out...↓

Press it in that direction! ↓


Another benefit is that even if the stamps are separated, you can find the correct orientation of the stamps by turning the side with the handle upwards .


The size of CHOCOTTO STAMP is 1 cm x 1 cm x height 4 cm, and the rubber stamp size fits within 8 mm, making it easy to use in a notebook.


'' CHOCOTTO STAMP '' is a set of 6 stamps in a small and cute box. Not only is it cute, but it also has easy-to-use functions.

[Product Specifications]

  • 1 set of 6 pieces x 4 types (shapes/weather / lifestyle / work)
  • wooden rubber stamp
  • Print size: 7-8mm (depending on the pattern)
  • Stamp: 10 x 10 x 40 mm (length x width x height)
  • Box size: 67 x 45 x 7 mm

*Since natural wood is used, the color may vary depending on the shade of the wood.

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