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LETS Clear Leather Binder - mini6 - MAYA green

LETS Clear Leather Binder - mini6 - MAYA green

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LETS Clear Leather Binder ( mini6 ) made of a combination of transparent material (PVC vinyl) and genuine leather in MAYA green color.

MAYA leather , an Italian leather, it has a rough, fluffy texture that ages quickly, so you can enjoy the changes in the leather in your own way.

The transparent PVC is surrounded by genuine leather, and the belt loops are sewn together to securely secure your notebook.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is transparent = you can see the contents, you can change the first page to something you like, making it look like an original system planner.


Clear PVC vinyl material is 1.5mm thick with no transfer on one side.

The non-transfer coating on the inside prevents color from transferring or transferring to the vinyl, so you can use it without any problems even with copy paper or photos sandwiched between them.

Most PVC vinyls commonly used in products are generally less than 1mm thick, but the PVC vinyl material we used is 1.5mm thick, so it is extremely strong and can maintain a stable shape. Is possible.

The binder is made by KRAUSE.

  • Bible: Ring diameter 13 mm (6 holes)

It opens and closes smoothly and firmly, and fits securely, making it comfortable to change refills.

All manufacturing processes for the LETS Clear Leather Binder are performed in Japan.

Please enjoy the LETS Clear Leather Binder, where you can freely customize the cover to suit yourself.


Product specifications - mini6

  • Product dimensions: H:152 W:105 D:22(mm)
  • Body material: PVC vinyl 1.5mm thick, oil smooth leather (genuine leather)
  • Binder: Ring diameter 13mm (6 holes)
  • Weight: 123g
  • Accessories: Logo paper/underlay (1 sheet each)

*Refills are not included with this product. 

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