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My sticker coordination paper - A5 -

My sticker coordination paper - A5 -

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"My Sticker Coordination Book" is a sticker mount (release paper) for stocking stickers and masking tape in your system planner.

There are 4 sizes available that are compatible with various 6-hole binders, each containing 20 sheets.

The paper is made of thin white high-quality paper with a thickness of 0.12 mm, and is characterized by its smooth texture. It does not have the sticky feeling that is common with sticker mounts, making it comfortable to use.

In addition, since it is a double-sided release paper, you can enjoy 40 pages (= 20 sheets) as a sticker mount on the back side.

Based on the ``removal strength that allows masking tape to be stocked'', it is also characterized by the ability to ``apply and peel'' even masking tapes with weak adhesive strength.

I think there are many people who share the contents of their notebooks on SNS and enjoy their notebook life with friends and notebook users.

“We want you to fully experience the fun of charm.”

"My Sticker Coordination Book" is based on this concept, and uses thin and durable release paper so that you can change the decorated stickers depending on your mood or day.

Why not collect stickers as if you were decorating them on a mount, enjoy stocking up on stickers and masking tape as if you were making a collage, and enjoy sharing them on SNS?

Enjoy sticker stock as a way to coordinate your outfits, just as you would coordinate your clothes every day.

*Seals are not included with this product.

・Double-sided light release paper refill / thickness 0.12mm
・Material: Silicone, polyethylene, white wood-free paper
・Quantity: 20 pieces

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