『HANCO MAT(ハンコマット)』オンラインストア販売開始!

“HANCO MAT” online store now on sale!

We have started selling ``HANCO MAT'', a transparent stamp mat, on our online store.

Release date: May 5, 2023 (Friday) ~

We conducted advance sales at events such as the Stationery Women's Expo, and the product was very well received, with many commenting that it was "cute!"

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When using a seal or stamp, you can print it neatly if you have a stamp mat, but most commercially available mats are green and made of soft material.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have a product with a better design?"

In response to this question, we created a ``Transparent Stamp Mat'' that is printed with special ink on a clear material.

The design features icons related to lifestyle.

This cute item is inspired by a small desk mat and can be used as a daily notebook tool.

The size is 120 x 80mm.

*This is an image that fits in the passport size of a traveler's notebook.

[Product Specifications]

  • Production: Japan
  • Material: transparent PVC vinyl
  • Printing: PV print
  • Size: 120×80mm

*The printed surface of this product may peel off if strong force is applied. There is no problem for everyday use, but please be careful not to use it in extreme ways.

*This product supports click post (shipping fee: 185 yen)

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