LETSクリアシステム手帳 バイブルサイズ 再販のお知らせ&雑談

LETS Clear System Notebook Bible Size Resale Announcement & Chat



From April to May, the LETS Clear System Notebook Bible size continued to be out of stock and sold out.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the customers who contacted us.

We will start reselling the product from May 25, 2023.

Although some colors continue to be out of stock, we would like to inform you that we are now able to put them up for sale.


Well, since today was a resale announcement, I thought I'd like to have a little chat about "inventory".

LETS STATIONERY GOODS is in its second year as a stationery manufacturer, but we are realizing how difficult it is to estimate the number of products in stock.

How much of products A to D should be secured in month X?

The data used to predict production numbers is adjusted based on daily sales results, but it is still only the second year in the stationery industry...

We almost missed the quantity forecast! ! lol

As a result, there is always a situation where there is sufficient stock of product A, but almost no stock of product B. lol

In order to make products, there is a rule called lot (quantity to be ordered at one time), so it may be difficult to make only product B, which is low in stock.

It's difficult to make only three.
*Manufacturers and individual artists who make their own products are different.

Well, in any case, the lack of stock will cause inconvenience to customers and retailers...

The situation is no laughing matter.

I feel like this every month. lol

As a stationery manufacturer, it can't be helped that the data performance period is not long enough.

However, it is true that there was a discrepancy in the timing of when the products we knew would sell , and it is unfortunate that such inventory shortages have occurred.

I always think that I have to improve.

Although the difficulty level is AAA. Sweat

Meanwhile, when I receive an inquiry from a customer saying, ``It looks like Product B is out of stock, do you have any plans to get it in stock?'', I feel sorry, but also ``Happy!''.

The more inquiries we receive, the more likely we are to start producing Product B.

Therefore, if the product you want is not in stock, please feel free to contact us via our online store or DM on SNS.

Even if the online store has no inventory, there are cases where they keep a separate inventory.

So this was a resale announcement that included some chat.


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